Shop Drawings

In order to ensure that your shop drawings for your projects are prepared with precision, you need to work with a professional and reliable team.

Shop drawing sequence is a complex process that involves a series of steps. As the Deniz Tasarım team, we know how the architects, the general contractor and the clients work, we also understand the importance of being able to work as a team with maximum productivity and synchronization.

What Do We Prepare?

In order to ensure that the applications of your projects go smooth and that you are free of any worries, we go through a set of steps.

A Workflow Diagram

Our workflow diagrams are planned as per estimated complement time of our projects. These estimates are added to a calendar. Workflows ensure that work coordination with our clients with more than one project is satisfied, while also helping project managers track the process. Depending on the workload, workflow is rearranged and resent for approval.

Keyplan Drawing

A keyplan drawing is a collective of preparations that indicate the scope of work our client is responsible for. Key plans ensure that work fields are specific and easy to access, while also making sure there aren’t any complications.

Shop Drawings

Based on the drawings received from the architects, the plans for the areas of stone and tile applications, plans, elevations, sections and details are prepared. After a process of examinations, updates and revisions; the drawings take their final shape.

Shop Tickets

Shop tickets are production documents that are prepared in order to ensure that processes included in shop drawings such as the cutting, shaping and polishing of tile or stones according to the proper measurements for the application areas are properly done.