Maksimum performance and trust

Since it’s foundation in 1994 Deniz Tasarim has been serving its clients in the field of architecture and graphic design. Starting from 2014 Deniz Tasarim focused on specialized drawings for the leading stone and tile companies in America.

Having eight experienced architects as a team, Deniz Tasarim engages from simple to detail oriented jobs on every aspect. With the ability to produce problem free, precise highly detailed in long term projects, Deniz Tasarim can also finish small scale projects very fast. This strategy helps our clients to take on more workload and produce more revenue.

Speed is a requirement in today’s world and almost every job requires it one way or another. Productivity assures to minimize the mistakes caused by the speed. With the experience gained in this industry, Deniz Tasarim prioritize maximum performance, productivity and client’s trust creating trouble free projects.