Natural Stone Works

As Deniz Tasarım, we provide services regarding natural stones obtained from Turkey and several other countries. We aid you in the process of finding and determining the right product that fits your projects along with your needs.

How We Do Work?

As per project shop drawings and shop ticket along with specifications we start to research and prepare a document with sample photographs.

Based on the feedback we receive from you; we send you a price proposal.

If our proposal is accepted, we prepare our sample stones and send them to you. After the sample approval process, we initiate the production process as per shop tickets.

The stones mined in the quarry as blocks, carefully selected and turned into slabs with the desired thickness.

We carry out the necessary procedures for dry lay and present the stones to you.

We both follow and share with you the process of cutting the stones to desired sizes, opening holes, making angled cuts, beveling, polishing etc. as per shop tickets.

The finished products are packaged and shipped to you by air or sea depending on your preference.